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Meet Maastricht is dedicated to bringing you amazing tours in English and sharing our beautiful city with students, expats, and locals alike. Here you will find information about our on demand and set tours – we can’t wait to walk or ride with you!

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We are currently offering on-demand walking and bicycle tours of Maastricht with plenty of themes to choose from. The walking tours will run with a maximum of 10 people and riding tours with a maximum of 15 people. At €16,50 per person for a walk and €18,50 per person for a ride, they are an absolute steal (even if we do say so ourselves)!

Duration walks and rides: 2 hours
In English, Dutch or Mestreechs.

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Our Walking Tours:

For maastricht newbies, from Mosasaurus to today

New to Maastricht or just want a crash course in the fascinating history of the city? We’ve got the tour for you!

On the Intro to Maastricht tour, our guide will introduce you to Maastricht and show you some of the highlights.

The meeting point for this tour is De Kiosk, the souvenir kiosk, on the Sint Servaasbrug (Saint Servaas Bridge).

1748 scale model
1867 scale model 
Fantasy scale model

We all agree Maastricht is magical, just as it is. But did you know there are several tiny versions of Maastricht, each a portrait of the city in earlier days? These tiny towns are housed in Centre Céramique, the Malt House of the Bosch Brewery and near the Beyart Convent on the Brusselsestraat. We offer you a tour of these scale models, with a builder as your guide!

Our meeting point for this tour is in front of
Centre Céramique.

A dark period in the city, with many stories we have to keep alive

For exactly 4 years, 4 months and 4 days Maastricht suffered under Nazi occupation, from 1940-1944. This walk will show you where the fights were and the bombs fell, mostly killing civilians in working class suburbs, but also where the liberators – black and white separately – enjoyed their R&R before returning to the front.

The meeting point for this tour is Hoogbrugplein in Wyck.


Maastricht’s cemetery is a monument to the city’s people

In the 19th century Maastricht established a new cemetery outside the city – it’s original plan and all subsequent enlargements tell of people and politics, of war and religion, and of changing tastes.

Our meeting point is the old entrance on Tongerseweg.

History often presents the great men – this tour presents great women!

On this walking tour you will meet some of the marvellous women of Maastricht! They were saints and singers, soldiers and sinners and so much more – join us to hear their stories and songs.

Meeting point is the orange star on Plein 1992.

Looking at Maastricht’s overlooked gems
In every city, you will find places and spaces, statues and text that will make you wonder; what is their meaning, why are they significant to the town? In this tour we’ll explore some of Maastricht’s hidden gems and secrets!

And how they educated people

In the 19th century Maastricht saw the rise of monastic brothers and sisters dedicating themselves to educating the poor.

Our meeting point for this tour is the little square halfway Capucijnengang.

How they served the city, pre-French revolution

Maastricht contains a wide variety of monastic orders, but this tour focuses on those who served the population, especially with health care and education.

Our meeting point for this tour is the little square in front of RHCL on the Pieterstraat.

And keeping it’s spirit! 20th – 21st century CE

We will see several sites in the old town, showing shifting preferences in urban renewal, restoration practices, demolition and architectural choices.

Our meeting point for this tour is the statue of the Mestreechter Geis, at the little square where Stokstraat and Maastrichter Smedenstraat meet

19th – 20th century CE

Exploring the industrial heritage will show you the harbour and the canals, the factories and the workers’ quarters in their present state, with the stories about their past.

Our meeting point for this tour is the statue of Petrus Regout on the Boschstraat, in front of the UNU-MERIT building.

In the new park, 18th – 19th century CE

Warfare became a profession, designing fortifications a science – now their remains are a scenic part of our parks, offering beautiful views.

Our meeting place for this tour is the statue of D’Artagnan, in front of the city wall at Aldenhofpark.

13th – 14th century CE

Medieval townspeople defended their town themselves – see how the men and women of Maastricht constructed their defenses.

Our meeting point for this tour is de Helpoort, the city gate at the St. Bernardusstraat.


Wool, leather beer and silver, 10th – 15th century CE

There was a time when Maastricht was brimming with industries like wool, leather, beer and silver! Learn the fascinating stories of these industries and how they shaped the city.

Our meeting point for this tour is Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, the square next to Our Sweet Lady Basilica.

3rd – 8th century CE

You may have noticed signs of Sint Servaas throughout the city but did you know people have been coming to visit his treasures here in Maastricht for hundreds of years? Come with us to discover the trail of Sint Servaas!

The meeting point for this tour is in front of the Sint Servaas Church on the Vrijthof side

1st – 3rd century CE

Did you know Maastricht has a rich history starting with the Romans? Learn about the fascinating beginnings of Maastricht in this walking tour!

Our meeting point for this tour is the kiosk on the Sint Servaasbrug (Servaas Bridge)

On demand, tailormade, for one person, for families, for colleagues, for students, one walk / ride or a series – just ask us! info@meetmaastricht.eu