The Relaunch of Meet Maastricht

Happy 2023 🎇 Happy we are relaunching Meet Maastricht🎊 Happy to meet you on our walks and rides💃🏻🕺🏻 Happy to tell tales in English, Nederlands and Mestreechs ✨ We are relaunching our full programme, online and off, to peruse, to listen to and to book on our revamped website.
There is a series of themed walks and bike rides, about Romans or factories, about our women or fortified walls, about castles and convents and cemeteries – your choice, for just one, or two, or twenty… But if you want to hear about other stuff – just tell us! If you need an historical segment for your programme, your exposition, your reception – just ask! There is a series of podcasts, deep dives on Dinghuis, or Staar, or Momus, in light conversations, sometimes with expert guests, sometimes hilarious fun, illustrated in carefully curated clips on YouTube. There is everywhere a wealth of gorgeous pictures of our town, showing the world our love of its beauty and history. We are also restarting our series of Maastricht Calender, telling you about the traditional celebrations during the course of the year. We are looking forward to meeting you, meeting Maastricht!