Special events

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We are currently offering on-demand walking and bicycle tours of Maastricht with plenty of themes to choose from. The walking tours will run with a maximum of 10 people and riding tours with a maximum of 15 people. At €16,50 per person for a walk and €18,50 per person for a ride, they are an absolute steal (even if we do say so ourselves)!

Duration walks and rides: 2 hours
In English, Dutch or Mestreechs.

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For Tours: tours@meetmaastricht.eu
For general info: info@meetmaastricht.eu

Our Special Events


We offered two tours with selected highlights from the extensive Museumnacht programme, one offering the classic sites and one the contemporary ones.

We participated in the organisation of the 2021 Open Monumentendag Maastricht by setting up the programme and providing the online support and publicity.

When Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof hosted an expo of portraits of Holocaust survivors they asked us to provide schoolkids with walks in the city, telling stories of Maastricht during World War II, focussing on the persecution and on the protection of Nazi victims.

Maastricht University’s Alumni Office organizes an annual event for its alumni – they asked us to provide walks, telling the stories of the historical monuments now in use by the university.

Inkom is the annual event at the start of the academic year, welcoming the first year students to their new home. We were asked to show them around and provide them with some historical and cultural background.

On demand, tailormade, for one person, for families, for colleagues, for students, one walk / ride or a series – just ask us! info@meetmaastricht.eu