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Convents and Monasteries

Convents and Monasteries How they served the city, pre-French revolution.
Maastricht contains a wide variety of monastic orders, but this tour focuses on those who served the population, especially with health care and education.

Religious Orders

Religious Orders after the French Revolution, and how they educated people
In the 19th Century Maastricht saw the rise of monastic brothers and sisters dedicating themselves to educating the poor.

Get Involved

Meet Maastricht is present with a stall at Get Involved! The market will take place Wednesday 26 April between 13-16 hrs at the Student Services Centre, Bonnefantenstraat 2, 6211 KL Maastricht. See you there?

January 1st


Maastricht Calendar 

January first – start of a new year, another circle around the sun. Maybe this is why the Maastricht sweets for New Year are round; crispy, thin waffles, baked traditionally at home, in heavy cast iron. These days to be found at local bakers and supermarkets – enjoy!