Month: February 2023

February 23rd

Maastricht Calendar Since café’s are still in their Carnaval garb the publicans will have a day of celebrating themselves, after the hard slog of Carnaval, before all the decorations are taken down, until next year…

February 20th

Maastricht Calendar At 14.22 hrs the ‘Family Parade’ starts in Wyck, with the Prince first, so he can applaud all the children when they file past him on the Vrijthof. Again, happily disorderly, but enchantingly colourful. Evening – same recipe; drift about the centre, find the music you like, have a beer or not, watch the happy chaos.

February 19th

Maastricht Calendar The Prince opens Carnaval formally on Vrijthof at midday by shooting a tiny, very loud canon and raising a large wicker effigy of our Mooswief on a pole. From 13.25 hrs the ‘Great Parade’ winds it’s way through the city centre, a happy mess of loud music, great costumes, jokes and nonsense. Broadcast live by RTV Maastricht.


February 18th

Maastricht Calendar Today the city prince arrives by train, at 12.51 hrs, in his serious prince’s costume, to inspect his guard of Kachelpiepers at 13.45 hrs outside the station. In a festive procession all proceed to the Markt, where at 14.55 hrs the statue of Mooswief (photo) will receive her customary wreath of vegetables.