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Episode Two : The Capuchins’ court

You must have noticed Maastricht is full of churches, chapels and convents, many of them quite visible like the great churches on the Vrijthof and quite accessible, like the former convent which is now the Student Information Centre. But there are so many more, less conspicuous and less accessible. In our second podcast we take you to the site which is now named the Capuchins’ Court and sits adjacent to the site where the Capuchins’ Convent used to be. Yes, weird. The Court started as a small facility to educate boys and grew into the worldwide order of the Brothers of Maastricht. After they left the buildings these were used by nuns and girls and ladies and after that it was a playground for teenagers – listen to all of the tales on our podcast!

Pictured above you can see the progression of the Capuchins’ Court.

The first black and white photo (top left) shows a group of boys attending the Catholic school which was set up in the Capuchins’ Court and lead by the Brothers of the Beyart until they built their own premises close by (1907, © RHCL).

Fast forward a few decades and the second photograph (top right) shows the women working at a studio run by Franciscan nuns, sewing and embroidering religious décor and garments (c. 1950s – 1960s, ©

A short time after this the Court became a hub for local students under the organisation Kombi and in the third photograph(s) (bottom left) you can see quite a shift in atmosphere (c. 1970s, © Maastrichts Silhouet vol. 52).

The final photograph (bottom right) was taken far more recently in 2014 and shows the remnants of the Court’s history as it stands today as apartments and living spaces (© Wikipedia commons).

Phew, what a ride!

In our ‘Ask a Local’ segment for this episode, you can also find some great suggestions for fun child-friendly activities in Maastricht.

Find some of the activities mentioned below!

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