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What is Carnaval in Maastricht all about?
It is impossible to live in Maastricht and not notice Carnaval; once the prince is appointed, the city becomes vibrant with anticipation for the annual three days of happy anarchy, colourful crowds, chaotic parades and loud music everywhere. But what is it, why the celebration and how to participate? Meet Maastricht comes to your aid: we offer you a serious lecture in Carnavalogy by an expert of the Tempeleers, the city’s paramount Carnaval organisation. You will hear about the history, the rituals and their significance and yes, there will be singing involved… Bring your friends for this entertaining introduction to celebrating the city’s soul!
Wednesday 27.02.2019, 18.00-19.30 , The Student Hotel 
 Es Mestreechtenere zien veer gruuts op uzzen Vastelaovend en eederein dee mèt deit maag debeij – mèr die nuij Mestreechtenere mòt netuurlek wel iers verduts weure wat de bedoeling is. De Mestreechter Geis moot geëxpliceerd weure en wat dat groete Mooswief oppe Vriethof beteikent en tòtste maags kieke, mer eigelik beter gewoen mòs mètdoen, al is ‘t mèr mèt ‘nne zeijboar op de kop en e trömmelke. De Tempeleers geit ‘t allemaol oetlègke, mèr ‘t zow sjiek zien es geer komp hellepe, mèt vraoge en verhaole. En netuurlek um de leedsjes te oefene en ‘t hòwwe op dat trömmelke – ‘t is ‘nne groete zaol, dus komp met väöl luij!

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