Episode One : The Cell Brothers’ Chapel

Episode 1 : Cell Brothers’ Chapel 

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Just when we had dreamt up a great programme of spring outings in and around our beloved city, corona struck and everything stopped. Obviously we at MM want to contribute to the containment of this pandemic by self-isolating, but also to help keep spirits up by providing some light entertainment. On Maastricht, what else?

So we decided to get into podcasting, with no previous experience – bear with us while we master this new skill! We intend to take you to places which are not open to the public or not easily accessible and our first choice is the Cell Brothers’ Chapel. You have probably passed it dozens of times without knowing it is there, let alone knowing the interesting tales of its history. We talk about just that and we hope we can meet each other there when the Chapel resumes its programme of cultural activities.

The photographs above show the Cell Brothers’ Chapel in 1966 before it’s current rejuvenation. The bottom left illustrations show the chapel in it’s former glory, painted by Phillippe van Gulpen in 1840.

In the Ask a Local segment for this episode we answer questions about romantic Maastricht stories (depending on what you consider romantic) and Roman remains in Wyck. Listen to find out more! And if you have something you’ve always wanted to know about Maastricht or have wanted to ask a local make sure to send us a message on social media.

We hope you will enjoy this new episode! You can follow the podcast on each application itself and you can give us feedback on our social media accounts : Facebook x Instagram!

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