Since 2016, Meet Maastricht has been bringing English-language cultural and heritage-focused experiences to the people of Maastricht. While we can’t take you on any tours (for now), we’ve decided to bring our own special brand of Maastricht culture and heritage to the airwaves! That’s right, we’ve started a podcast.

Our podcast will bring you a deep dive into the amazing hidden gems in Maastricht which aren’t always open to the public (fortunately we’ve got some insider knowledge for you). Join us and explore our favourite Dutch city from the comfort of your own home!

If you have something you have always wanted to know about Maastricht or wanted to ask a local, please contact us through social media or here and we will do our best to answer your questions in future episodes!

Episodes :

All episodes are available on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and YouTube! Follow the links below to find more photographs and information about each episode (Ask a Local episodes do not have their own page).

Episode 1: Cell Brothers’ Chapel 

In this episode we are discussing the hidden gem that is the Cell Brothers’ Chapel (or Cellebroederskapel in Dutch) in the city centre of Maastricht, a beautiful little chapel with a fascinating history. Do you know how the chapel got its name? Listen to find out !

Episode 2: The Capuchins’ Court 

This episode we’re chatting about the Capuchins’ Court (or Capucijnenhof in Dutch) which has a varied history as a centre for Catholic education in the 19th and 20th centuries, a student hang out in the 70s, and now a modern residential area in the city centre – amongst other things!

Episode 3: The Beyart Monastery 

This episode we learn about the Beyart Monastery, another complex of buildings that has lived many interesting lives throughout Maastricht’s history! Listen as we chat about the original Beyart convent, where the ‘Beyart’ name comes from, and other fascinating tidbits.

Episode 4: Ask a Local – Why are there so many churches in Maastricht? 

This episode we answer a question from team-member Flora’s parents – why are there so many churches in Maastricht? Whether you’re a visitor to Maastricht or live here we’re sure you’ve seen more than a few churches around, listen in to find out why! Listen here.

Episode 5: The Generals’ House

Have you visited the Theatre on the Vrijthof? If you’ve wandered around the city of Maastricht there is a good chance you have walked past or seen this former General’s House! Learn more about the General’s House, it’s occupants and past lives in this week’s episode!

Episode 6: Ask a Local – Why are there so many churches in Maastricht? PART TWO

Thanks to one of our lovely listeners, this episode takes a further look at why there are so many churches in Maastricht! If you haven’t listened to episode four, we recommend giving that one a quick listen before taking this speedrun through 2000 years of church history in Maastricht.

Episode 7: The Liberation of Maastricht with special guest Joes Minis (part one)

The following two episodes are all about the liberation of Maastricht in 1944 / 1945 and feature special guest Joes Minis. Join Katrina and Joes as they chat about the liberation and what it was like to live in Maastricht 75 years ago. This is only part one – make sure to check out part two!

Episode 8: The Liberation of Maastricht with special guest Joes Minis (Part Two)

This is the second part of two special episodes about the liberation of Maastricht in 1944 / 1945 and (once again) features special guest Joes Minis.

Episode 9: The Dinghuis

If you’re a newcomer to Maastricht, chances are one of the first (and oldest) buildings you visited in the city was the Dinghuis. Now the centre of the VVV (tourist information centre), this unmissable old courthouse has been the home of the city courts, a prison, a puppet theatre, the provincial museum among other things – talk about a colourful history!

Episode 10: Ask a Local – How does Maastricht Commemorate the Dead? 

Have you ever wandered past the Tongerseweg cemetery and wondered how the people of Maastricht commemorate their dead? Then this is the episode for you!

Episode 11: The Minderbroedersberg

Did you know there have been three Churches of the Minderbroeders (Lesser Friars or Franciscans) in Maastricht? In this episode we’re talking about the second, the Minderbroedersberg!

Episode 12: The Court of Tilly

The building we’re discussing this week was home to nobility, a General (or two), French revolutionaries and more before it became a hub of education for over a century! That’s right, we’re talking about the Court of Tilly (or Hof van Tilly in Dutch) which now houses the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University. 

Episode 13: The Momus

If you’ve wandered the Vrijthof you may have spotted a building with a jolly jester on top – that would be Momus! The Momus building is only one part of the Momus Society’s history so join us this week as we talk about the group and their previous headquarters.

Episode 14: Under the Arches

Have you walked under the arches on the western side of Sint Servaas? Learn more about the fascinating history of the men and women who lived and worked beside them including the Sisters of Charity of Saint Carolus Borromeus!

Episode 15: Saint Andrew’s Chapel

This week on the podcast we’re talking about a hidden gem – Saint Andrew’s Chapel! This spot is now a beautiful modern design and exhibition space but did you know it was once home to a community of beguines (begijnen in Dutch)? Listen to find out more!

Episode 16: The City Hall (Stadhuis) 

This week we’re talking about a building we’re sure you have all walked past – the Stadhuis, or City Hall! Unmissable on the Markt, the City Hall has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries but has lots of stories to tell. Join us as we share some of them with you!

Episode 17: The Jesuit’s Mountain (Jezuietenberg)

Did you know that Maastricht has an incredibly decorated mine system? Or that these decorations were done by the Jesuits studying and living here? In this episode we’re talking about the Jesuit’s Mountain (Jezuietenberg) and some of the amazing stories it has to share!

Episode 18: Sint-Martinushofje

This week we’re talking about a sweet (now) hidden gem not far from the city centre – the Sint-Martinushofje! Tune in as we talk through over 300 years of this little housing community.

Episode 19: Mestreechs – the Maastricht Dialect with special guest Joes Minis (part one)

Ever wondered about the meaning behind the ubiquitous ‘Haw Pin’? Or why some Maastricht street signs are in two languages? Well, this week we’re diving deep and discussing Mestreechs – the Maastricht dialect! Join Lucy, Katrina and special guest Joes Minis as we talk about all things dialect. This is only part one of our dialect discussion, make sure to tune in next week for part two.

Episode 20: Mestreechs – the Maastricht Dialect with special guest Joes Minis (part two)

Part two of our Mestreechs discussion is here. In this episode Lucy, Katrina and special guest Joes Minis chat about Mestreechs literature, music and, of course, Carnaval! Join us as we laugh and learn about local language and culture.

Episode 21: Spaans Gouvernement  (Museum aan het Vrijthof)

Chances are if you’ve visited the Vrijthof, you’ve seen the Museum aan het Vrijthof (AKA the Spaans Gouvernement)! This week we’re talking about a building which used to accommodate visiting royalty and now houses a brand new photography museum. Tune in to find out more!

Episode 22: Sint-Matthiaskerk (Saint Matthew’s Church)

One of only a few parish churches in Maastricht, this week we’re talking about Sint Matthiaskerk (also known as St Matthijskerk or St Matthew’s)! Tune in as we discuss this beautiful church and its role in the local community throughout history.

Episode 23: The Mastreechter Staar and Staargebouw 

Music has always been a big part of Maastricht life and this week we are talking about two contributors to the Maastricht sound! You guessed it, for this episode we’re talking about both the men’s choir The Mastreechter Staar and their old digs, the Staargebouw.

Episode 24: The Nieuwenhof

Our focus this week is a building that has been used continuously for centuries, first for the religious Beguines, then for poor orphaned children and now by the Maastricht University College! Yes, this week we’re talking about the Nieuwenhof or ‘New Court’, tune in to find out more.

Episode 25: In den Ouden Vogelstruys

While we wait for our local cafes and restaurants to re-open, here’s a podcast on a Maastricht favourite – the Vogelstruys! Tune in as we learn about this famous café and the many stories (and drinks) it has provided over the centuries.

Episode 26: The Scale Models of Maastricht 

Did you know there are several scale models of Maastricht hidden throughout the city? This week we talk about three tiny versions of Maastricht and the who, where and why of how they came to be!

Episode 27: Torenmolen van Gronsveld

The windmill is an icon of the Netherlands and we have a special episode to honour Maastricht’s own Torenmolen van Gronsveld (Gronsveld Tower Mill)! This episode is brought to you by Matthew Stefanski, a fan of the podcast. While studying in Maastricht, Matthew recorded his visit to the windmill and was kind enough to share it with us.

Episode 28: Borders & Belonging with guest Joes Minis (part one)

This week we are back with special guest Joes Minis to talk about borders and belonging! How were the borders around Maastricht – and the Netherlands – decided? How have they changed over the years? What do they mean for local people? Find out this week on the Meet Maastricht podcast!

Episode 29: Borders & Belonging with guest Joes Minis (part two)

In part two of our Borders and Belonging discussion, we are joined again by special guest Joes Minis as we discuss all things cultural identity and Maastricht after the Belgian Revolution. Tune in to find out more!

Episode 30: The Sint Servaaskerk (part one) 

This week we are finally tackling one of the biggest and most iconic historical buildings in Maastricht – The Sint Servaaskerk (the church of Saint Servatius)! Since this is a big one, this is only part one where we will be talking about the people surrounding the church including (of course) the Saint himself.

Episode 31: The Sint Servaaskerk (part two)

We all know the Sint Servaaskerk is a beautiful structure but have you ever wondered about the stories behind the architecture? This episode is part two of our Sint Servaaskerk discussion (make sure to check out part one here) and we’re talking about the church itself!

Episode 32: The Koepelkerk (Dome Church) 

Welcome back to the Meet Maastricht podcast! For our first pod of 2021 we thought we stick with another beautiful church – the Koepelkerk (or dome church), also known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. Join Lucy and Katrina as they discuss this church’s place in Maastricht’s colourful history.

Episode 33: Ambachtsschool (Trade School) 

Ever wondered where the 19th and 20th century tradesmen of Maastricht learned their trades? This week we’re talking about the old Ambachtsschool where boys would be trained in mechanics, woodwork and other valuable skills!

 Episode 34: Maastricht FAQs with Joes Minis (Part One)  

Ever wonder about the history of Fort Sint Pieter? Or perhaps the history of the Vrijthof square? This week we’re joined by special guest Joes Minis to answer some FAQs about Maastricht! This is only part one of our discussion so make sure to tune in next week for part two.

Episode 35: Maastricht FAQs with Joes Minis (Part Two)

This week we’re back with part two of our Maastricht FAQs with special guest Joes Minis. This time we cover the Helpoort, that crumbling medieval wall, university buildings and more!


Episode 37: Bankgebouwen & the Markt (bank buildings and the market)

You cannot miss the large market square (the markt) in Maastricht and this week we’re talking all about it! From the bankgebouwen (bank buildings) to the square itself, join us as we talk about a space that is at the heart of the city.

Episode 38: The Boschstraat

You may have walked along the Boschstraat but do you know the history behind some of it’s beautiful buildings? Today we’re chatting about the Boschstraat and some of the stories it has to tell!