Our team

Lucy Willems

“Meet Maastricht is the latest chapter in my lifelong habit of welcoming people to ‘my town’ – I am a native, have lived here most of my life, know the city like the back of my hand and keep making new discoveries. So join me in exploring the old and new, the familiar and surprising and everything Maastricht has to offer.”

Flora Guery

“Hello and welcome to Meet Maastricht! I am Flora, a french expat settled in Maastricht since March 2019. How happy I am to be a member of Meet Maastricht! I am passionate about heritage and history and after 3 years as a professional guide in France, I followed a second Master degree about heritage, culture, marketing and communication! After being a guide in the Sphinx for the Inside Out Project, I joined Meet Maastricht! It is a perfect place for me : I can discover the city, meet other internationals and locals and also put my skills into use! I hope to see you soon at one of our events! ”

Rowan Zvekich

“Hello readers, my name is Rowan, and I’m a Canadian expat currently enrolled at United World College Maastricht. I’ve been living in Limburg since I was two years old, moving to Maastricht almost two years ago to live closer to school. Travelling to lesser-known places that have significant cultural and historical heritage has played a big part in my childhood, and now as a high school student I want to explore the many twists and turns Maastricht has to offer. This was one of the main reasons why I chose to volunteer for Meet Maastricht as my mandatory service for school. I hope to become more knowledgeable about the city I live in – in terms of its historical aspects – and that my support for learning about heritage will help to achieve this organization’s goal of educating foreigners and locals alike about Maastricht.

Natalia Tapia  Moreno

“I will tell you all about me as soon as possible! (Work in progress)”

Sara De Luca

“I will tell you all about me as soon as possible! (Work in progress)”

Fara Abu Tair

“I will tell you all about me as soon as possible! (Work in progress)”