Episode 27: Torenmolen van Gronsveld with Matthew Stefanski

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The windmill is an icon of the Netherlands and we have a special episode to honour Maastricht’s own Torenmolen van Gronsveld (Gronsveld Tower Mill)! This episode is brought to you by Matthew Stefanski, a fan of the podcast. While studying in Maastricht, Matthew recorded his visit to the windmill and was kind enough to share it with us.

You can follow Matthew on Twitter at @MStefanski1

The image on the left is an etching of the Torenmolen van Gronsveld by Jos Willems in 1950 ( (c) RHCL). On the right is a photograph of the mill in 1962,( (c) RHCL). The archival information accompanying this image reads: ‘Built between 1618 and 1623 by order of the Count of Gronsveld Joost Maximiliaan van Bronckhorst. In 1766 the mill was raised three meters. An earthen wall or belt was also raised around the base of the tower, surrounded by a ring wall. After that many restorations followed. At the end of the nineteenth century, the mill was restored by Godefridus Broens from Weert’ ( (c) RHCL).

The first image above (top left) shows an earthenware plate in the Royal Delft style, possibly showing the Gronsveld mill ( (c) hartantiques.com). The second picture (top right) shows a modern warning sign at the mill, a photograph taken by Matthew Stefanski when he visited ( (c) Stefanski).

The third image above (bottom) is a scenic painting by Philippe van Gulpen showing the 19th century surrounds of the mill which is very small but can be seen in the centre of the picture (1840, (c) RHCL).

Above (left) you can see plans for the mill drawn in 1941 showing the exterior and interior mechanisms, originally published in De Nedermaas no. 5 by Chr. van Bussel ( (c) via Wikipedia). The second picture (right) is a modern photograph of the mill ( (c) Stefanski).

Above are interior photographs of the Torenmolen van Gronsveld from the molendatabase.nl which documents the many mills in the Netherlands. The top left, top right, and bottom left phototgraphs are (c) Marcel van Nies from 2017. The bottom right photograph is (c) Michel Hessels from 2018.

The first image above (top left) shows the front of the windmill (with blades) and the second (top right) shows the rear (2013, (c) Piet Glasbergen via molendatabase.nl).

The bottom left photograph shows the side of the mill in 2002 ( (c) Frank Terpstra via Wikipedia). The bottom right photograph shows the mill from the opposite side where the well dating back to 1616 is also visible (2001, (c) © Hans de Kroon via molendatabase.nl).

As always, if you have something you have always wanted to know about Maastricht or wanted to ask a local, please contact us through social media or our website and we will do our best to answer your questions in future episodes!