Episode 25: In den Ouden Vogelstruys

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While we wait for our local cafes and restaurants to re-open, here’s a podcast on a Maastricht favourite – the Vogelstruys! Tune in as we learn about this famous café and the many stories (and drinks) it has provided over the centuries.

Above is a painting of the Southeastern side of the Vrijthof by Valentine Klotz, featuring the Vogelstruys on the left (1671, (c) RHCL).

The first photograph above (top left) is a view of the Vrijthof cafes from the Sint Janstoren (the tower of Saint John’s church) ( (c) RHCL). In this photograph you can see part of the name ‘Cafe de la Promenade’ which was used at the beginning of the twentieth century instead of the Vogelstruys ( (c) mestreechtersteerke.nl).

The second photograph (top right) Shows the exterior of the cafe in 1955 during renovations, with an advertisement for the beer brewer Marres on the Platielstraat facade ( (c) RHCL). The third photo above (bottom) shows the last visit of the horse-drawn Marres beer cart to the cafe in 1952 ( (c) RHCL).

Above are three photographs showing people enjoying the cafe in the 1950s and 1960s! On the left is a photograph of the church bell ringers guild of Sint Monulfus and Sint Gondulfus in 1968 ( (c) RHCL). In the centre a gathering of the pipe-smoking club ‘de Piepeköpkes’, where the intention was to enjoy the pipe for as long as possible without it going out (c. 1950 – 1955, (c) RHCL).

On the right is a picture of Joke van de Maagdenburg, wife of the manager Vogelstruys and champion and advisory member of the Piepeköpkes (1956, (c) RHCL). She is pictured here with a long earthenware Gouda pipe.

Above (top left) you can see the sign of Vogelstruys, a gilded ostrich facing left (1958, (c) RHCL). The name “Stroys” or “Stroes” already existed in the late Middle Ages and in 1730, when the wooden façade of the building was replaced by a stone façade, the wooden sign was also recreated in stone ( (c) RHCL).

In the second photograph (top right) we can see the back end of an elephant from the Manresa Circus as it enters the cafe in 1958 ( (c) RHCL). In the third photograph (bottom) we see the same elephant inside the cafe doing a headstand (1958, (c) RHCL).

The first image above shows the Sint Servaaskerk decorated for the ‘Archers’ meal’, predecessor of the Preuvenemint, in September 1981 ( (c) RHCL). The event was organised to raise money for local shooters’ uniforms with a huge meal on the Vrijthof where hundreds of guests sat down at long tables ( (c) RHCL).

The second image shows the third annual Preuvenemint in 1984, where most of the proceeds went to the restoration of the church organ in the Sint Servaaskerk ( (c) RHCL).

Above are more recent photographs of the Preuvenemint organised by the Struyscomité. The top photograph is from c. 2018 ( (c) www.townhousehotels.nl) and the bottom also c. 2018 ( (c) ods-sport.nl).

The Preuvenemint has raised a lot of money for city projects over the years including Grameer II (a large church bell) for the Sint Servaaskerk as well as new bronze doors for the church. Above (top left) you can see Grameer I ( (c) Wikimedia Commons) and the replacement Grameer II ( (c) Wikimedia Commons).

The third and fourth pictures above are the artist-designed bronze doors for the Sint Servaaskerk, also partially funded by the Preuvenemint. The first (bottom left) was designed by sculptor Piet Killaars ( (c) alamy.com). the second (bottom right) was designed by Appie Drielsma in 1990 ( (c) Kerkgebouwen-in-Limburg.nl).

Above is a photograph from Carnaval in February 2020 where you can see the Vogelstruys decorated for the occasion ( (c) Vogelstruys Facebook)!

The Vogelstruys is continues to be a local favourite and successful cafe – and restaurant – in twenty first century Maastricht! Above (top left) is a photograph of the busy terrace in April 2019 ( (c) Vogelstruys Facebook). Top right you can see the modern interior – still the traditional brown – as it was in 2015 ( (c) afarcorner.com).

Below you can see the staff of the In den Ouden Vogelstruys in August 2019 ( (c) Laurens Bouvrie via Vogelstruys Facebook).

While the In den Ouden Vogelstruys cafe is currently closed (as of 15 October 2020), you can visit their facebook page and website to keep up to date. There is also an official Preuvenemint website which states that the 2021 Preuvenemint will go ahead 26 to 29 August – we hope to see you there!

The Preuvenemint also has a YouTube channel with videos about the event from 2014 – 2017 including the one below.

And in true Maastricht fashion, here is a song about the Vogelstruys sung by De Zingende Potsvrouwe called ‘In D’n Awwe Vogelstruys’.

As always, if you have something you have always wanted to know about Maastricht or wanted to ask a local, please contact us through social media or our website and we will do our best to answer your questions in future episodes!