St. Servaas basilica tour

When we planned two tours with an archaeologist we could not have foreseen how many wonderful surprises they would offer. Sjoerd Aarts happily made time for us in Centre Céramique – have a look at the pictures from the underground vaults on our FB page – and today he was waiting for us at St. Servaas Basilica, the majestic church on the Vrijthof. He was joined by the parish chaplain Garcia, so we were offered two views of the building and its history; the scientific, dealing with facts and proof, and the religious, concerned with belief and meaning. It made for some fascinating conversations along the way, also because there were people from other religions in our group.

Photo credits: Lucy Willems 

Photo credits: Martijn Weyenberg

Photo credits: Martijn Weyenberg

Together, we explored the small exhibition on Maastricht’s history in one of the cloisters, before entering the imposing church itself. Sjoerd handed around candles and we all descended into the darkness of the crypt – there, we were presented with an outline of the different buildings which have housed the grave of St. Servaas. In the adjoining crypt, where this grave can still be seen, chaplain Garcia told the story of how Christians would come to venerate these places. Up into the light of the great basilica we went and our guides had more stories to tell about the stones, the builders and the pilgrims.

Photo credits: Martijn Weyenberg

Photo credits: Martijn Weyenberg

Up and up we went, along a circular staircase to the Hall of the Emperor – a beautiful Medieval hall, even if no emperor ever watched Mass there. And even higher we could go on this special tour; into the bell tower, on increasingly narrow stairs. We had to wait on the floor below the bells – they would ring soon and up close that is simply too much for human ears. Their ringing was quite impressive, even if these were just the regular bells. St. Servaas also houses ‘Grameer’ (Grandmother), a huge bell with a deep, booming voice, only to be heard a few times a year. It was with some difficulty we left this magical place, but we thanked both our kind guides and stepped out in the late afternoon sunlight.

Photo credits: Lucy Willems

Photo credits: Martijn Weyenberg

Photo Contest

Hello fellow Meet Maastricht lovers!

The academic year has started with a lot of energy and we had more than 400 participants during our events on September! That was a great gift for our first anniversary! For celebrating our one-year birthday, we came up with the idea of organizing a competition. A competition where we can connect our two main inspirations for our activities: the city of Maastricht and of course you, Maastricht’s community! For two weeks, we invite you to use all your creativity and capture your favourite spots of Maastricht. With uploading your pictures in your social media with the hashtag #meetmaastricht, you will take part in our competition.

These are the rules:

  • Be creative and take a picture of your favourite spot in Maastricht
  • Upload it to your social media (Facebook, instagram, twitter etc.) with the hashtag #meetmaastricht
  • After two weeks, we are going to select the best pictures and upload them in our FBpage for being available to the public (in case you do not agree with the re-posting of your pictures, you can contact us and we will eliminate you from the competition)
  • All pictures will be uploaded with credits to their owners and will be available for public’s votes for one week
  • After one week of voting, the three pictures having the majority of likes will be announced as winners!
  • And of course this will not come without a prize! The winning photos are going to be used for our new postcard’s edition!

Maastricht is so marvelous during autumn! Take your smartphones and your cameras, go for a walk and let us discover this autumn’s beauty through your eyes! We are looking forward to see your photos and thank you all for your support!

Meet Maastricht team



Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers!

It is almost the end of September and you still haven’t had the chance to attend one of our events? Don’t worry, set your reminders for the 29th of September because you can join our most amazing and biggest event of the month!

Music is beyond any doubt the nourishment for the soul, for some more than others, but either way, it has an important place in everyone’s life. The same could be said for films as well and we thought what would be better than music or film… and we have brought you MUSIC AND FILM TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME!

What is included in this beautiful evening?

-The kick-off of the new season, the Dutch première of Vivo, composed by the Finn Magnus Lindberg for the New York Philharmonic, will be the prelude to Stravinsky’s Suite No. 2.

-Violin Concerto by Danish composer Carl Nielsen (AND MY FAVOURITE PART: Solo part performed by Baiba Skride!! She already deserves and applause as Gramophone puts her style in these words: ‘She has an astounding purity, accuracy, and clarity…’ We couldn’t agree more! ?

-Are you ready for the cross-over between Music & Film?

-Cineaste Lucas van Woerkum translates Ravel’s age-old love story Daphnis et Chloé to the silver screen. It is done in such a unique way that he is known worldwide. It could definitely be a lifetime experience for you, don’t miss it!

-The show continues with Ravel’s ballet, accompanied by Van Woerkum’s contemporary film about the love of two young people. Why don’t you take your loved one to this special and amorous atmosphere? 😉

-Afterwards, Van Woerkum takes place on stage in the middle of an orchestra consisting of over 90 musicians.! He edits the moving images into film in real time, displayed on the large, silver screen. Lucas decided to use the iPad as his instrument for the image transitions with specially developed software of his own design.  Sound incredible, right?

After all this explanation, the title of the event makes more sense in which music and film compose an entirety of uniqueness. 🙂

We hope to see you there!

Catch you later, Yaren


The calm before the storm is here. You feel a change in the air and suddendly you see a circle of clouds gathering on the horizon, creating a gloomy atmosphere. Maastricht seems to be going through a disaster, will YOU be able to save it?

Don’t panic, because Mission Save Maastricht is there for you! This game allows you to explore the streets of historic Maastricht while getting lost in a marvellous story. Plus, there will be some riddles to solve, so that everyone can reveal their “Sherlock Holmes” side as well 😉



-Go to the Lab to get the starter pack. (It is only 12.5 euros and you can play it with up to 6 players ) So don’t forget to invite your friends, anything is greater with them! <3

-Download the app: Mission Save Maastricht. (Sorry, it only works on Google Play).

-The game is ready to play, you can play it wherever you like. Going out and playing it would be a really nice option in my opinion but I am hoping for a better weather these days, you never know about the Dutch weather. 🙂

As a final remark, the game starts where the star is, sooo good luck saviors!

Catch you later. -Yaren



Hey hey fellow MM lovers!

I am Yaren, the new, genuinely excited member of the official Meet Maastricht Team! I will be writing the blogs for Meet Maastricht from now on, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading them. 🙂


This year we have been organizing various different cultural, historical and fun activities for you, but don’t worry. The new semester has just begun; so sit back, go through our website ( or our Facebook page and definitely do not forget to sign up to our newsletter in order to keep track of our upcoming events!

I have always loved the beginnings of each academic year, it represents one important thing: freshmen ready to discover the beautiful city of Maastricht. This is why our first two Free City Tour events this semester aimed at showing especially the new students, but at the same time anyone who wanted to learn and experience more about Maastricht in general. We have reached the number limit within a short period for both days and it was a great success!. 🙂

Participants had the chance to view Maastricht from a unique perspective and they have learned about the history of the city as well as the other people joining this cozy atmosphere. Unfortunately, the tours have come to an end but there will be numerous interesting upcoming activities for each week, more updates will follow…

Catch you later!


The Casemates Tour

The list of adjectives to describe the guided visit to the “Maastricht Casemates” could be long, but we can stick to this one: historically fascinating.

Why? Because with some imagination you are transported to some of the main events that took place in Maastricht during previous centuries. We heard about how the people of Maastricht sought refuge in the tunnels and spent hours, even days sometimes, underground while their city was unfortunately raided during WWII and some of the bombs reached the built up areas.

Adding to the exciting history of the tunnels, we were lucky to have Gerard as our tour guide. He had plenty of stories to share about the military use of the underground system in Maastricht. At the end of the tour, you can also try to find your way in a cramped tunnel where the only way out is by crawling and fitting into a small exit of no more than 50 cm wide.

It was a unique opportunity for us to take part in a guided tour in English (usually this tour is only available in Dutch) and since we are new to the Netherlands, we have not mastered the language yet.


Thanks to Meet Maastricht for the opportunity!

Max & Csilla

Maastricht city tour is a must

A review by Ploi Ngarm 

I moved to Maastricht a few months ago. Maastricht is a small town, with hip cafes and boutiques. History-wise, I only knew that it is one of the oldest towns in Europe.

I decided to join the city historical tour organized by the Meet Maastricht team to learn more about the town. It is a very fun and informative one and a half hour tour, which completely changes the way I look at this beautiful Maastricht.

We walked through narrow streets and felt the essence of culture and history. We climbed up the ‘Five heads tower’ and learned fruitful stories behind the given name. We explored the peaceful residential area and found ourselves in front of a gorgeous hidden mill. There is certainly more to Maastricht than meets the eye, and the Meet Maastricht team did fantastic in bringing out the best of this town!

Meet the Founder – Justyna Kamińska

Gina Vodegel from Life in Maastricht invited our founder Justyna for an interview. Enjoy!

She started Meet Maastricht in September last year to offer cultural substance for new students in the city she fell in love with when she came here to study.

Since then, she found friends (or they found her) who all volunteer to help out with the events, building a website and even the design of a brand new logo that holds the key to Maastricht City with a heart. Meet the founder of Meet Maastricht!

Who are you, what’s your name and age? My name is Justyna Kamińska, I’m 28 years old.

What’s your profession? I’m an art historian and a VVV tour guide from Poland.

Do you live in Maastricht? Yes, since 2013 I have been living in Maastricht.

Why do you like or love Maastricht City? I love Maastricht because of its beauty, because of its perfect size (it’s small enough to get everywhere by bike, or to just walk!), because of fantastic people who live here, and because it’s really full of rich history and a super interesting heritage. I’m especially passionate about Medieval times and the Medieval city of Maastricht. All its stories, architecture and urban planning is just stunning.

If you live here, do you intend to stay and never go anywhere else? I’ve been living in Maastricht for over 3,5 years now and I’m planning to stay for at least half a year more. We’ll see what the future brings!

What terraces or pubs do you like? I love Teazone, because of its character and beautiful interiors, and Tribunal where I go for drinks with my friends at the Maastricht University Choir.

What are your favorite places to have dinner? I usually eat dinner at home. But if I go out, then I like eating at Basilica.

Do you have a favorite event in town? Of course all Meet Maastricht activities! But there is so much more – PAS, Docfest, Musica Sacra, Open Nights at Conservatorium, Museumnacht, to just mention a few. They’re all really worth visiting!

What are your favorite places to go shopping in Maastricht? If I don’t have to, I don’t go shopping in Maastricht.