The Casemates Tour

The list of adjectives to describe the guided visit to the “Maastricht Casemates” could be long, but we can stick to this one: historically fascinating.

Why? Because with some imagination you are transported to some of the main events that took place in Maastricht during previous centuries. We heard about how the people of Maastricht sought refuge in the tunnels and spent hours, even days sometimes, underground while their city was unfortunately raided during WWII and some of the bombs reached the built up areas.

Adding to the exciting history of the tunnels, we were lucky to have Gerard as our tour guide. He had plenty of stories to share about the military use of the underground system in Maastricht. At the end of the tour, you can also try to find your way in a cramped tunnel where the only way out is by crawling and fitting into a small exit of no more than 50 cm wide.

It was a unique opportunity for us to take part in a guided tour in English (usually this tour is only available in Dutch) and since we are new to the Netherlands, we have not mastered the language yet.


Thanks to Meet Maastricht for the opportunity!

Max & Csilla

Maastricht city tour is a must

A review by Ploi Ngarm 

I moved to Maastricht a few months ago. Maastricht is a small town, with hip cafes and boutiques. History-wise, I only knew that it is one of the oldest towns in Europe.

I decided to join the city historical tour organized by the Meet Maastricht team to learn more about the town. It is a very fun and informative one and a half hour tour, which completely changes the way I look at this beautiful Maastricht.

We walked through narrow streets and felt the essence of culture and history. We climbed up the ‘Five heads tower’ and learned fruitful stories behind the given name. We explored the peaceful residential area and found ourselves in front of a gorgeous hidden mill. There is certainly more to Maastricht than meets the eye, and the Meet Maastricht team did fantastic in bringing out the best of this town!

Meet the Founder – Justyna Kamińska

Gina Vodegel from Life in Maastricht invited our founder Justyna for an interview. Enjoy!

She started Meet Maastricht in September last year to offer cultural substance for new students in the city she fell in love with when she came here to study.

Since then, she found friends (or they found her) who all volunteer to help out with the events, building a website and even the design of a brand new logo that holds the key to Maastricht City with a heart. Meet the founder of Meet Maastricht!

Who are you, what’s your name and age? My name is Justyna Kamińska, I’m 28 years old.

What’s your profession? I’m an art historian and a VVV tour guide from Poland.

Do you live in Maastricht? Yes, since 2013 I have been living in Maastricht.

Why do you like or love Maastricht City? I love Maastricht because of its beauty, because of its perfect size (it’s small enough to get everywhere by bike, or to just walk!), because of fantastic people who live here, and because it’s really full of rich history and a super interesting heritage. I’m especially passionate about Medieval times and the Medieval city of Maastricht. All its stories, architecture and urban planning is just stunning.

If you live here, do you intend to stay and never go anywhere else? I’ve been living in Maastricht for over 3,5 years now and I’m planning to stay for at least half a year more. We’ll see what the future brings!

What terraces or pubs do you like? I love Teazone, because of its character and beautiful interiors, and Tribunal where I go for drinks with my friends at the Maastricht University Choir.

What are your favorite places to have dinner? I usually eat dinner at home. But if I go out, then I like eating at Basilica.

Do you have a favorite event in town? Of course all Meet Maastricht activities! But there is so much more – PAS, Docfest, Musica Sacra, Open Nights at Conservatorium, Museumnacht, to just mention a few. They’re all really worth visiting!

What are your favorite places to go shopping in Maastricht? If I don’t have to, I don’t go shopping in Maastricht.