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8. Saving the Old Town Walking Tour

Our Bicycle tours

Meet Maastricht is dedicated to bringing you amazing tours in English and sharing our beautiful city with students, expats, and locals alike. Here you will find information about our on demand and set tours – we can’t wait to walk or ride with you!

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We are currently offering on-demand walking and bicycle tours of Maastricht with plenty of themes to choose from. The walking tours will run with a maximum of 10 people and riding tours with a maximum of 15 people (as of 26/06/2021). At €15 per person for a walk and €18 per person for a ride, they are an absolute steal (even if we do say so ourselves)! We can provide these tours in English or Dutch.


Coming soon!

This is the perfect chance to get away from your routine and see the best views of these amazing places, take beautiful photos and simply to relax!

Flora Guery


It was exciting for me to try something new and finally get on that tour in Maastricht – I appreciate the excellent service and the awesome people!

Katarina Marshall


What a great way to escape your city for a weekend with a friend! Thanks a lot for the amazing tours and awesome guides – you know your audience!

Justyna Kaminska


I loved the adventure that we had during our last tour! Thank you for the wonderful trip programs and photos that carry the most amazing memories!

Lianne Schuuring