Autumn in Maastricht

It’s a new project we prepared for all of you who would like to learn more about our wonderful city. 🙂

Autumn in Maastricht is a series of guided tours, workshops, and other cultural activities that will take place during each weekend in September, October, and November 2018. The activities will be led by experts from Meet Maastricht and from local cultural venues.

Part of the program has been prepared in partnership with KLEUR, a unique cultural festival by the municipal institutions: Centre Céramique, Natuur Historisch Museum and Kumulus. Other partners are Jezuïetenberg, Sint Servaasbasilica, Mission Save Maastricht, Brouwerij Bosch, and Bisschopsmolen.

The program of Autumn in Maastricht:


01st and 02nd: Intro to Maastricht

08th: Jezuïtenberg tour

15th and 16th: KLEUR tour (Dutch)

The KLEUR project is an exciting joint undertaking from Centre Céramique/Cultural heritage, Kumulus and the Natural History Museum of Maastricht as well as other partners in the region. Stichting Meet Maastricht will provide tours in Dutch and English based on this new project.

Colour is part of us all. It is everywhere and is always present. Colour stirs up emotions and is deeply intertwined with the words we speak, the utensils we use, with the food we eat and the industry that surrounds us. Colour is in our DNA, colour colours our lives. KLEUR is not just about colour as you know it, we want to expand our understanding of colour and share this experience with you.

22th and 23th: Religious tour

29th and 30th: KLEUR tour (English)


06th and 07th: Industrial Maastricht tour

13th and 14th: KLEUR tour (Dutch)

20th and 21th: KLEUR tour (English)

27th and 28th: Mission Save Maastricht Halloween Edition

Maastricht is facing a real danger. You and your friends, equipped with the app and the paper game set, have to explore the city and save it before it’s too late!”

How does it work? In teams of 2-5 people, you need to use an app (note: only available for Android phones), combined with a paper game set, to explore the streets of Maastricht, to solve riddles, take pictures, and score points! The game takes about 1,5 hours. The team with the highest score wins!


03th and 04th: Mysteries tour

10th: Bisschopsmolen vlaai baking workshop

17th and 18th: ‘’Kleur’’ tour (Dutch/ English)

24th and 25th: Brouwerij Bosch: Start of Carnaval season


Please note: tickets for all activities are sold online. If you cannot make a payment online, please let us know and we will find a solution!