Are you new to Maastricht? Or just curious about the town and its history?
Meet Maastricht will take you on a beautiful journey through time, helping you discover the town’s secrets! We organize tailor-made activities for students, expats, and locals alike, in collaboration with experts from cultural institutions of Maastricht. We also guide you through the most interesting cultural events happening in Maastricht.

We launched this project in September 2016, because we felt that there was a gap in the cultural offers in the city.

There are around 120 000 residents in Maastricht including many who do not speak Dutch and often look at Maastricht through the eyes of a tourist! Before the launch of Meet Maastricht, there were hardly any ways for them to really get to know the city, with its beautiful monuments, stories, traditions and hidden treasures. So we started a collaboration with local experts in heritage and tourism and now we are really amazed about how quickly the Meet Maastricht community is growing!

Since August 2017, we have been a Foundation, which allows us to do even more for you! Our first team (2016-17) included Cristian Tala, Daniel Duarte, Justyna Kamińska and Mathijs Stofbergen. Our current (2021) team includes Lucy Willems, Flora Guery and Katrina Marshall. A special thanks to past team members Julia Hermann, Maria Vatista, and Yaren Kasoglu. We also have a board, consisting of Kris Förster (president), Lianne Schuuring (treasurer), and Paula Marquez (secretary).