Come across – Sphinx, a cultural mini festival

Meet Maastricht has started a new adventure and we invite you to join!
For the first time, we coproduce a mini cultural festival on October 12th focused on one interesting area of beautiful Maastricht, with our partners Kaleido and Let’s Catch Up.
We offer you a treasure hunt, exploring the fascinating Sphinxkwartier – you will have to find your own way from one surprise to the next discovery by solving riddles. Of course Petrus Regout himself is on hand to help you find all the treasures and tales….
14.00-14.30 hrs: Come to The Student Hotel to find your team and start your hunt – you will have to be back by 17.30 hrs!
18.00 hrs: Petrus Regout will announce the winning team and hand out the prizes.
Meanwhile, there will be foodtrucks, music and  a market standing at the Petrus Regoutplein, with a game after the prize ceremony: a great opportunity to meet and mingle for internationals and Mestreechtenere, for students, families and pensioners!

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