Meet…United World College Interns

Hello! I am Mavzuna, a current United World College Maastricht student from Tajikistan. I more than happy that I got the chance to volunteer at this amazing cultural foundation and for me it is exciting to be working with the other internationals in order to make our events to be pleasant for everyone who’s attending.

While volunteering at ‘Meet Maastricht’ I have been lucky enough to attend in the most interesting and tailor-made cultural events happening in Maastricht in collaboration with experts from cultural institutions in Maastricht and at the same time had fun while meeting new people. One thing that I really like about Meet Maastricht is that through the offered guided tours, cultural and historical workshops, it brings all the locals, international students and tourists to break the gap between them. It is impressive for me to see how this foundation is needed, liked, and appreciated by the communities in Maastricht and many more internationals.

One of the events that I really much enjoyed along with our participants from Meet Maastricht was the evening in which Jazz Maastricht and the Theater aan het Vrijthof joined the forces with the Philharmonie Zuidnederland to present a concert where jazz and classical meet like never before.

Right after the audience took their seats, the concertmaster welcomed the guests, gave a short speech about the night’s program and along with the audience welcomed Conductor Dmitri Liss, virtuoso Italian jazz pianist Stefano Bollani and many more amazing musicians from Philharmonie Zuidnederland with a round of applause. Chief- conductor Dmitry Liss took his cue and performed Gershwin’s swirling Girl Crazy, together with Prokofiev’s exciting Romeo and Juliet and iconic jazz pianist Stefano Bollani, premiered the Concerto Azzurro.

Overall, the concert was like a truly magical experience for the audience and the Meet Maastricht participants were lucky to get the chance to meet and greet with Aurora Cano Soto, viola player at Philharmonie Zuidnederland and know more about her career and life as a musician at philharmonie.

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