Meet… United World College CAS interns

Since October 2018, we are very happy to welcome three amazing students from United World College in our team. Abigail, Mavzuna and Marianna are part of Meet Maastricht during their CAS programme.  You will have the chance to get to know them better via our blog posts!

Here is Abigail’s impression during these months of volunteering in our foundation.

”My name is Abigail and I am a student in Maastricht, a few months ago I joined the Meet Maastricht team. And today I would like to share my opinion about this incredible foundation.
Two things are my favorite in this place. First, you discover what are the mysteries behind this city, suddenly the old buildings, the streets or the statues make sense and tell you stories from the past, they allow you to know the beauty of this city.
The second thing I enjoy is the intercultural experience, in the various activities organized by Meet Maastricht you meet people from different parts of the world who tell you about their experiences and how they came to Maastricht, it is the best experience of cultural exchange. For example, some time ago they made a tour called Post-Industrial, this was one of the activities that caught my attention because I realized the story behind the buildings that I had seen before so naturally, and then I discovered that the well-known student hotel had been a ceramics factory and that the other building had been a paper factory, and then I found myself looking at this interesting past.
The most trained part was to make the tour seeing the current ceramics that they made, so many colors and shapes. Likewise, I loved the company of the group of people who attended the event, some came from Spain, others from Italy, others from Belgium, incredible diversity. This allowed interaction during the event, between questions and exchanges of ideas.
So, dear friends, do not miss the next Meet Maastricht event, I know it will be a fabulous experience that will allow you to explore and discover more about this beautiful city. See you, Abigail”



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