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  • Hello! Would you like to introduce yourself? Who are you and which is your role in CODE043?
  • My name is Gerard, I am 29, I live here in Maastricht and work in CODE-043. My role is to guide people who apply here for budgets, for projects or for their plans in generals. I am looking to expand my services to the young adults here in Maastricht by hosting network events, creating workshops and seeing what else I can do for CODE043.
  • Wow, good luck. Can you tell us a little bit about CODE043? How and why did the organization start and which was the mission back then?
  • CODE-043 exists about 12 years now. At that time, the government of Maastricht wanted to spend an amount of budget for young adults in Maastricht and see what would these young adults do with it. They thought it would be a nice idea to create an organization which is mainly focused on funding young adults in Maastricht and help them implementing their ideas. This is how CODE043 started.
  • Is it only for Dutch-speaking young adults or internationals can participate too?
  • It is basically for everyone, also international students and young adults. We are hoping we can reach them both.
  • What kind of projects do you usually support?
  • It is very broad,basically everything is possible. The most important is that the project is organized by young adults between 12-25 years old, the project is beneficial for Maastricht, especially for other young adults and students. Something that is very important also is the social impact of the project, it should be beneficial for the society.
  • If some students want to participate and apply with a project, which is the procedure?
  • The main way to apply is through the website. You can find the link and start your own project with a very easy process. After that, you will see what you need in order to start the project, what info you need and how you should think about the finances. But you can always call or send an email or even just come by in the office.
  • This is very helpful! For the new academic year and as new project manager, what are your plans?
  • We have different projects. We now start with INKOM. It is how we can be noticed and search for new volunteers. We will be there in the Info Markt and in the Night at the Museum. We have also some projects with UWC staff: a workshop that we host with almost every school in the city. We will teach UWC staff how to talk to students about subjects as drugs. There is also a conference coming with the theme ‘’Safety in schools’’. The government of Maastricht wants to make sure that every teacher knows about organizations in the city related with young adults safety. CODE043 will be there. We will do the hosting with alcohol-free cocktails and probably be in charge of the matching corner to make sure that all teachers and organizations will find each other.
  • When is the conference?
  • October. Also in October, we will start with CODE events support. They will be networking sessions. Every month, we will host one night and try to get everyone together: for example the young adults who are busy with projects or have applied for a project will meet all together. In October, we will organize the kick-off session, a party in which everyone is invited.  I am really trying to figure out what else we can do for young adults and students to help them with their projects, but also in terms of getting them in touch with people or organizations where they can get other budgets or subsidies. I want this night to be a moment that they can ask me or other people where they can go and then we will provide them with information and solutions. Maybe, I will have to do some research but it will be solved. I also want to do the workshops during these nights so whatever people will need, they can tell me during these sessions and I will try to come up with ideas.
  • So is this one of your ambitions for the next academic year?
  • Yes,definitely
  • Do you have any other idea or ambition which you would like to succeed from September? Something that you have in your mind and you really want to work with?
  • Yes this is a very good question and I actually have! This project is planned basically for half a year. So, it is a trial period. And the CODE events support is one of those things. What I really want to do in this project is t to make sure that CODE043 becomes a safe space for young adults and students. A place where you feel safe enough to come by, to ask about everything you need, but also to get help and coaching. I love these workshops as I think it is very important to realize what you want in your life, to get out of your comfort zone and to challenge yourself. I would love to be part of this process and have a role. One way is these network events, workshops where I can do coaching. But mainly what I want is that people will get the feeling that CODE043 is a safe space.
  • It is very important for Maastricht as many students are coming, they have ideas but maybe they don’t know how to implement them or they are afraid that they will be rejected. It is very important that they have this chance!
  • Yes,exactly!
  • And  where can they find information about your events?
  • Best way is via our website. We have all information there about the projects, all events that they are going on. You can also get to now us, the people who work here. But something also I recommend is our FB page. It is the easiest way for all our event. It is also important for everyone interested to know that we will be present in INKOM, in the Info Markt on Monday, probably with a fun activity. Also, in the Night of the museum, we will be there with a very funny big interactive game. I definitely invite all people to come by and get to know us.
  • Thank you very much it was a pleasure!
  • Thank you too!

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