Mysteries of Maastricht

Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers 🙂

It has been such a crazy month full of great adventures and various cultural, artistic activities. Well… luckily the month is not over yet so we have 3 more amazing events planned for you! Check out on our website or Facebook page and book your spot already 😉

As Meet Maastricht, we have been trying to organize different kinds of tours and all of them have received really lovely feedback so far. It is all thanks to our dearest team member and an expert on history, but more specifically on Maastricht, Lucy. Last Sunday, she took us to a unique experience as always.

The tickets were sold out from weeks before and I would like to thank personally to everybody participating despite the very freezing, snowy weather, I guess it added more “mystery” to our tour that we would like to call “The Mysteries Tour”. 🙂

Lucy has taken us to the places in Maastricht we have never been before and I can genuinely say that it was such a time we have lived the moment to the fullest… We have walked around everyone in the city, stopping almost every 3-4 mins to listen to another story. The monument that you pass by every day and not pay attention to can have a spectacular and intense background story that you would be amazed. This is how our participants and I felt like. A gate or a building or a writing on a wall can have their own stories and reasons as to why they have been placed there in the first place and what was the idea of these people composing them.

Day by day, we learn more about Maastricht and its hidden secret beauties and we grow this feeling where we bond with the city more. If you also having the same feeling, then Meet Maastricht team is more than satisfied to achieve what was meant to be our goal. 🙂

See you in our next activities!

Photo credits: Buha Buhu

Catch you later,


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