Music & Fashion Night

Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers 🙂

I am back with amazing news! This Friday, our 20 participants had the chance to be part of a very exclusive show at Complex, organized by the Philharmonie Orchestra.

The name of the show Music & Fashion” refers to a really unusual concept that people do not come across every day. It was such a unique experience for me as well as our participants. What would be the reason for that?

First of all, I have been to a couple of nights organized by Philharmonie before, and every time they were able to surprise and amuse me. They had a combination of classical music and film night in September where it awakened various feeling in me, in my opinion the Philharmonie is a genuine connoisseur of classical music! But what is even more captivating is that the composers are able to create a mixture of classical music and film or as in that show, classical music and fashion in a harmonical way.

A normal fashion show includes models catwalking through the stage as they display their clothings, contrary to ordinary, this music & fashion show took us to another dimension where the composer was telling us a story with the classical music of the orchestra combined with dancers dressed in kimonos.

We have observed a theme of “disconnection” with the combination of kimonos (a piece of clothing which one is able to give shape in any way he desires), the fluctuations in the rhythm of the dancers from slow to fast and vice versa hand in hand with the orchestra, dancers coming out from the audience and connecting in maritime language consisting of some terms such as “alfa and romeo”. All in all, it was a mesmerizing and sensational chaos full of outstanding colours, movement of bodies, different usage of clothing and classical music symphony in compliance with everything!

In the end, we had the chance to meet the composer of this beauty and ask him as many questions as we liked. He told us the whole story from his perspective; about how he came up with the idea, how he thought about every detail and what was the reasoning behind this combination. We were certainly impressed by his mode of thought and our participants expressed their experience and feelings through interpreting what they have witnessed during the night. 🙂

Fashion and Music- The Splendid Couple!

Thank you everyone for joining the event and stay tuned for our upcoming activities…

Catch you later,


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