Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers,

We have prepared a variety of fun events for you in March, and Tiny Towns was definitely one of them. 🙂

This Sunday we had the chance to discover the “Tiny Towns” in Maastricht. But what exactly are these Tiny Towns? Well, they are three different scale models of Maastricht, situated in concealed areas in Maastricht. Let’s go through the details of the tour.

The meeting point was indeed Centre Ceramique, but why would we have the meeting there? Because to everybody’s surprise (including me), the first scale model of Maastricht is actually placed there! The model itself was utterly magnificent where we were trying to figure out what used to be in the places as we know before and what historical artefacts have been preserved for more than a hundred years.

Thanks to our lovely tour guide as well as our beloved team member of Meet Maastricht, Lucy, we had the chance to listen to the stories by an expert about how these models were constructed, what did they consist of, what was the reason behind them, how did they contribute to the society and cherish the history as for our present frame of mind and point of view with regard to the past, what were the reactions received after the display of the models and many more subjects!

The second place we have been to, the Malt House, has not merely showed us a different model, but it also had an entrancing atmosphere with a smell of “history”! 🙂 Lucy has taken us through those old times with her excellent guiding skills and the way she puts emphasis on the details.

Everyone seemed to enjoyed their time and they did not hesitate to ask several questions to the guide at the same time. 🙂

The third place where the last model is situated is somewhere I believe no one would have any idea of! Personally, it is a street I pass by almost every day and I was shocked by this hidden beauty. As much as I would love to share the photo, I don’t want to spoil the amusement for the next participants. 🙂 In the end, the tour has furthermore taught us the importance of paying attention to what are we surrounded by. Maybe a sunset or the structure of a church…. the nature and artefacts have been going hand in hand throughout centuries to create this loveliness.

Thank you everyone that joined us for the “Tiny Towns” on Sunday. 🙂 Don’t worry if you missed the tour, we are going to organize it in the upcoming months for sure! Have a look at our upcoming events on our Facebook page and don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletter. 💖

-Catch you later, Yaren


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