NEW SUNS exhibition

Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers,

This period, we are coming with completely new and interesting activities, keep following our website and Facebook page for the updates! Here is an overview of what is coming up:

03.03 – bread baking workshop

07.03 – Maastricht meets short films

16.03 – classical music and fashion

17.03 – Mysterious workshop

Hope to see you at these events 🙂

Now, I want to talk more about last Saturday’s event, the art exhibition by Kahlil Joseph at the Bonnefanten Museum to which I have participated myself personally, apart from being there as a team member.

The name of the artist Kahlil Joseph was not so familiar to me, however the exhibition seemed indeed exciting after reading a bit about his life and his works with Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé. Joseph is a contemporary artist and his main goal is to reflect the lifes of the people in his community in the US.

First of all, we entered a room in which there were two screens next to each other, sometimes displaying the same scene from different perspectives and sometimes displaying two totally different places and sceneries.

In my opinion, the “film” by Kahlil Joseph was really fascinating, mainly because the people in the movie were not “acting”, but they were real and merely being themselves. It was something I have never experienced, therefore it was not exactly right to call it a “film”, it took everyone beyond their boundaries of perception and guided them through a state of mind having mixed feelings. These mixed feelings were partly due to the beauty of selection of music and the way the images were placed, also partly due to the sense of “unusualness”, deriving from the people’s lifestyles in the film. I believe that the name of the film “New Suns” is what emphasizes this point and helps us to cherish different cultures.

Afterwards, our guide took us to a room where we had the chance to discuss further on the art by Kahlil Joseph and make our own “film” by using the application, iMovie. It was so much fun to see our own “masterpieces” being played!

I want to thank everyone who came to join us at this lovely exhibition, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did… hope to see you in our future events! 🙂

-Catch you later, Yaren


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