Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers!

It’s the time of the year when the ”Prince” is appointed, the whole region dresses up in fancy clothings, does make up and goes to the center to cheer, drink and celebrate the, CARNAVAL!

I am wishing everyone to spend an amazing time already during the Carnaval on behalf of the Meet Maastricht Team. 🙂

Now, slowly proceeding to what actually I wanted to talk about today… As you all know the local people of the lovely South-East Netherlands (including Maastricht, Eindhoven etc.) have been celebrating Carnaval as a part of their tradition for years, so the local people have already been acquainted with the concept since they were little kids. So it is all the foreigners, especially students (including me), that have no idea about what is going on in these 3 days full of amusement!

This was the most important reason why we, as Meet Maastricht have decided to organize an intellectual lecture upon the Carnaval given by two experts of the Tempeleers, the city’s paramount Carnaval organisation!

Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Geusens

Firstly, some information about the history of the Carnaval and the reasons of celebration were presented, as well as the local, ”Maastricht” way of speaking and pronouncing words. It was extremely interesting for me and the other participants to see how words could change entirely when it comes to this specific region of Limburg and how they can actually create a strong bond between people.

We have also sung a Carnaval song all together which was truly entertaining! 🙂 It was a really educative and fun lecture from my perspective and the participants showed their interests further by asking questions relating to the appointment of the ”Prince” and ”the Tempeleers.”

Overall, I could say that this lecture broadened my perspective on the whole concept of ”Carnaval”: it certainly does not merely boil down to drinking and partying for a couple of days, but contains a much deeper meaning within itself. The Carnaval embraces and unites people no matter what their age, gender, race or social class is, and in my opinion this is the most precious aspect of it. 🙂


-Catch you later, Yaren

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