Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers!

This Saturday we had our second activity organized with Vormstof upon the Porcelain Workshop. Vormstof has a certain policy that the experience must be new to each participant, in other words, it must be their first encounter with the workshop. Therefore, I can wholeheartedly say that it was such a unique 3 hours for our seven attendants as well as for me, one of the most significant reasons being the “nature” of the workshop.

Let’s dive into the details now. 🙂

Firstly, Marjo introduced us to the art of “porcelain” and its history, she has been working with porcelain for a long time so everyone was amazed to be guided by an expert as her. 🙂

Later, she showed us how to make use of a wide assortiment of cast molds in basic shapes. These are then cut and assembled together into new forms. The procedure requires high level of focus and delicacy since the shapes are undoubtedly fragile, and our participants seemed to be handling the situation with patience and eagerness when it was their turn to try.

One the best parts of this workshop was that there was absolutely no limits in deciding the shape and design of your own work and everyone was determined to go beyond the standards to disclose their creativity! Our two lovely experts from Vormstof helped us through the process and the participants came up with magnificent pieces in the end. 🙂


We congratulate everyone who attended the workshop and I am looking forward to seeing all the finished works in three weeks!



Catch you later, Yaren






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