Hey hey fellow Meet Maastricht lovers!

We officially had our first Mission Save Maastricht event on the 30th of September with the lovely ISAP students! No matter how cold the weather was, it didn’t prevent us from enjoying the moment. 🙂 We had four groups, which were all enthusiastic to run around the city, follow the paths as were instructed in the game and try to solve the hidden codes while reading the stories made with the secret beauty of riddles.

The four groups had some difficulties solving the codes at different times but the one part to solve the code on the door was definitely the hardest for everyone, yet I should add that it was indeed fun! The group with the most points in the end was the group that finished the game the last, with 1070 points in total! They preferred to move cautiously, taking firm steps forward. After all, everyone won by finding the treasure and went to celebrate the victory in a bar. 🙂

I would like to thank all of you lovely ISAP participants for taking part in the game and saving Maastricht from a disaster with your peers, but more specifically for making this evening a beautiful and unforgettable memory! 🙂 Hope to see you in future activities!

AAAND for the others who were not able to join the event, don’t worry because there will be another Mission Save Maastricht day in November! Stay tuned for details <3

Catch you later,


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