The Casemates Tour

The list of adjectives to describe the guided visit to the “Maastricht Casemates” could be long, but we can stick to this one: historically fascinating.

Why? Because with some imagination you are transported to some of the main events that took place in Maastricht during previous centuries. We heard about how the people of Maastricht sought refuge in the tunnels and spent hours, even days sometimes, underground while their city was unfortunately raided during WWII and some of the bombs reached the built up areas.

Adding to the exciting history of the tunnels, we were lucky to have Gerard as our tour guide. He had plenty of stories to share about the military use of the underground system in Maastricht. At the end of the tour, you can also try to find your way in a cramped tunnel where the only way out is by crawling and fitting into a small exit of no more than 50 cm wide.

It was a unique opportunity for us to take part in a guided tour in English (usually this tour is only available in Dutch) and since we are new to the Netherlands, we have not mastered the language yet.


Thanks to Meet Maastricht for the opportunity!

Max & Csilla

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