Maastricht city tour is a must

A review by Ploi Ngarm 

I moved to Maastricht a few months ago. Maastricht is a small town, with hip cafes and boutiques. History-wise, I only knew that it is one of the oldest towns in Europe.

I decided to join the city historical tour organized by the Meet Maastricht team to learn more about the town. It is a very fun and informative one and a half hour tour, which completely changes the way I look at this beautiful Maastricht.

We walked through narrow streets and felt the essence of culture and history. We climbed up the ‘Five heads tower’ and learned fruitful stories behind the given name. We explored the peaceful residential area and found ourselves in front of a gorgeous hidden mill. There is certainly more to Maastricht than meets the eye, and the Meet Maastricht team did fantastic in bringing out the best of this town!

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